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An Experienced Attorney Knows That the Courts Look Favorably on Individuals Committed to Treating Their Drug Problems

Family members hire me to get involve.  My client’s in jail.  We convince prosecutor to let the client out of jail as soon as I can get the client into a 28-day inpatient drug rehabilitation program.  There are a number of places that provide those types of services here in New Hampshire.  They have waiting lists, but I am able to make the arrangements to admit the client into a drug rehab type program.

In Cases Where the Client Is in Treatment, It May Be Strategic to Postpone Trial in Order to Present to the Judge the Client’s Accomplishments Post-Arrest

At that point, client’s released from jail and goes into the program.  The client completes the first inpatient portion of the program, then is released out into the real world and participates in a six-week long intensive outpatient program. The client is able to go back to work and starts to become a productive member of society.  The client attends AA/NA meetings for a while.  I then take it upon myself to postpone the case as often as I can.

I know that push comes to shove when we actually appear in court he’s going to pre-guilt to doing what he’s accused of doing. It would be unlikely that the judge will send him back to jail. This is because the judge will not want to erase all the positive work the individual’s done.

I’m quite proud of the fact that I have three clients who have fit into exactly this mode and who had decent jobs and families.  They plead guilty to selling the drugs and get at that point received time served, probation suspended sentences.  I’m quite proud of those.  As I say, these are three people that come to mind whose lives have been saved, if you will, by going through that sequence of events.