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Attorney Horan Began His Legal Career as a Prosecutor

David: My name is David Horan. I have lived in New Hampshire my entire life except for the eight years that I went to college and law school in Boston. I started practicing as an attorney in 1978.

That time period is when I got my first real job as a lawyer as an assistant to the county attorney. I was one of the prosecutors in the Hillsborough County Superior Court.

Attorney Horan Has Experience Handling Murder Cases

The Hillsborough County Superior Court is where all the jury trials take place, such as misdemeanor appeals which include DWI second offenses, where you have the right to a jury trial. That also includes all of the felonies including murders. The murders were prosecuted by the AG’s office, that’s the only type of case that I’ve never prosecuted.

I worked within the county attorney’s office in Hillsborough County between the years of 1978 to1995. During that timeframe, I prosecuted 150 to 200 people a year.

The first few years, I was handling child support and motor vehicle cases. Then, I started into prosecution and superior court level with jury trials.

Attorney Horan Has Handled Felony Cases, Such as Aggravated DWI Charges

I handled approximately 10 DWI negligent homicide cases where people were accused of drunk driving death resultant, which was then and still is a felony with enhanced penalties. I worked on those types of cases for 17 years, between 1978 and 1995.

During 1995, I decided to go into private practice. At that point, I set up a solo practice in a building with three friends of mine, all of whom are solo practitioner lawyers.

Attorney Horan’s Private Practice Was Built by Referrals from Other Attorneys

I had initially hoped that the practice would have included personal injury cases such as DWI death resulting cases where you could get a verdict for large sums of money and keep a third. But that never happened, largely because the majority of the lawyers who were familiar with me knew that I left the prosecutor’s office to pursue a private practice.

Other attorneys I was acquainted with would send me criminal cases. Insurance company lawyers were sending me insurance company employees who were arrested for DWI. They were sending me all sorts of different cases.