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Completing a Safe Driver Course Can Reduce Points on Your License

With the demerit point issue, if one gets a notice of too many points in your record, you can enroll in a safe driver course. The idea is to do the safe driver course before the hearing. Occasionally, I get hired and the first thing I do is postpone the hearing because I have a scheduling conflict.

That gives me more time to give the client into a safe driver course. It is possible to complete the safe driver course in six hours in a Saturday. There is a cost associated with the course.

After completion, the certificate presented to the hearings officer results in three points being deducted. This sometimes defeats the finding that the driver has accumulated too many points. If you have 13 points and you do the course you have 10. 10 in one year is not enough to suspend you. Just be sure you don’t get another ticket that year.

Interviewer: Can you take the course online?

David: No, you have to attend in person.

Are There Scenarios Where You Need an Attorney to Help Restore Your License after a Suspension?

Interviewer: What if someone had their license revoked for a while? Can they hire an attorney to get it back?

David: Yes, but I’m not sure why they’d want to. It’s not going to require any heaving lifting on the attorney’s part. Generally speaking, once the loss of license time period is up, you can pay the restoration fee and be restored.

You might be suspended because you had an uninsured accident. In that case you have to make peace with the other driver or with the other driver’s insurance company that has the subrogation claim against you. You might be suspended because you have an uninsured accident that you got to cover. That requires a lot more money if you will.

Habitual Offenders May Require an Evaluation to Assess Their Risk to Re-Offend

Occasionally there’ll be a person that’s a habitual offender. They cannot get their license back unless until they have a hearing. Sometimes the issue is with respect to other person’s safe ability to drive.

If this is my client, it might require me to tell them they need to get a drug and alcohol counselor to evaluate you to determine whether you’re at low risk to re-offend. If we can get such a letter, it goes a great way towards convincing the hearings officer to re-license you.

I’m familiar with all of the details of the Motor Vehicles statutes. This knowledge can help somebody that is getting that feeling as if they’re getting jerked around by the Motor Vehicle Agency. We can find out exactly why they are having trouble getting their license reinstated.

What Should You Look for When Considering Retaining an Attorney?

Interviewer: What makes your law firm a good choice for people in need of an attorney?

Experience Counts

David: I had been doing this type of work for over 35 years. This includes 17 as one of the prosecutors in superior court and 18 as a defense lawyer. I’ve done several hundreds of these Motor Vehicles hearings and even more DWI cases.

I’m thoroughly familiar with the statutes, know the arguments, know the judges, know the hearings officers, and have a huge number of prior cases I’ve done. I know which ones win, which ones lose. We could marshal that fact to get your case to the winning category. I think I do a better job based on somebody that’s a year or two out of law school who hasn’t become as “battle-scarred