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How to Divide Assets in a Divorce without Fighting

There are many ways to figure out how to divide assets in a divorce without fighting that are simple, yet effective. Although many people may opt to bring in a third party when separating assets, if you think that a fair and reasonable settlement is possible between you two, there are many methods.

Have you considered what items are important to you? Would you be better off having the furniture or the car? These are considerations you must take before speaking with your spouse about property division. Consider creating a list of what and why you should get each item listed.

If you have children, make sure to bring them into the equation—if you have sole custody, you need to ensure that things like cars or other items are necessary for the sake of your child.

Once you sit down with your spouse, you can try bartering with them instead of arguing. Trading A for B is a good way for you both to get what matters most to you, even though discrepancies are bound to arise.

You may also want to try making a list of property, and taking turns choosing an item off that list. This may be an opportune time to bring in an appraiser or other third party to help with the process. Mediators or arbitrators can also help you find a peaceful and fair solution when you’re deciding who gets what.

Another option is placing the items up for sale and dividing the cash between you and your spouse. Using means of yard sales, Internet bidding, Craigslist and other outlets will often allow you to receive a decent return on your assets, depending on several factors.

Remember, essentially, all property you acquire as a married couple is considered community property. Try not to fight over the small stuff, and make sure not to hide any assets during this time as that can immediately backfire and hurt your entire case.

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