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Is Personal Privacy a Thing of the Past? Facebook and Your Current or Potential Employer

There is a debate currently going on in New Hampshire in respect to whether potential employers are entitled to request the passwords to social media for their employees or the people applying for employment.

The proposed statute is to prohibit that and to afford privacy rights to the people with respect to what they put up on Facebook and other social media outlets. The reality is that the social media spreads like wildfire.

Can Information on the Internet Help Your Case?

On the other hand, I’ve used the Internet to uncover information up about witnesses testifying against my client. We Googled the man’s name and discovered newspaper articles about an arrest for armed robbery. We visited one of the courts and found multiple court entries for this man. We discovered about seven different convictions out of that court, including the armed robbery for which he was in prison. This means that he was on parole at the time that he was claiming to be a victim.

So, in this case, the Internet supplied us with a valid initial lead. It can be very difficult to really define what information is too much information.

But, in parting, the Internet and social media can and will be used by the defense to dredge up information. That is one of the reasons why I advise my clients not to say anything about their pending criminal case on Facebook or any of the social media outlets or in an electronic format such as a text message.