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What Are The Common Misconceptions Concerning License Suspension?

Interviewer: We talked about the misconception people have that they were not drunk, yet they were still pulled over. What other misconceptions do people have? Do they know about the license consequences?

Many of them are not really aware of the license consequences. Furthermore, New Hampshire on January 1st just changed the DWI statute somewhat with respect to the programming requirements that have to be met before a person convicted of DWI can get their license back.

In terms of the misconceptions, I think individuals who know people arrested for DWI know that they are probably better off not taking the breath test or the blood test. Yet, if an individual is certain of the fact they only had two beers, they would probably be advised in retrospect to have taken the test.

For years I have been very careful with respect to what I personally drink. I go to many sporting events. I had season tickets in years past to Bruins and Red Sox games, and I have come back from Boston after having a couple of beverages.

I am very sensitive to the fact hard liquor will get people in trouble a lot quicker and without them knowing it; far more than two or three bottled beers which have a precise amount of alcohol and no more.