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What Questions Should You Ask Your Attorney? Common Misconceptions about the Criminal Process

Interviewer: What are some of the top misconceptions people have about the criminal process when they come to you that you have to dispel?

Some Parents Feel Their Children Are Falsely Accused

David: I have certain conversations more so with parents than the young adults themselves. I recall several different college students that were arrested for crimes that you do not expect and as a parent you would be really disappointed, for example, shoplifting.

The parents usually say, “How could they possibly arrest my daughter for this?” I have to choose my words really carefully and not say, “She’s a thief.  You can’t say that. I think that but I can’t say that.

Can Basically Good People Recover from One Poor Decision?

In terms of the misconceptions, the question is, when a good person makes a mistake what do they do?

They apologize, they fix it to the extent they can, they take responsibility, and then they go forward.